A Brief Discussion on Child Custody

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A couple can break up and get divorced mutually, but it is not that easy for the children. If they are young enough, they may fail to understand the situation. There can be a lot of new details, new incidents and new information making children confused. Trying to cope with the same, they may misunderstand the situation that can be quite harmful to them. Hence, the custody of the children is the most important part to take care of when you are going through a divorce.

It is recognized that the presence of both parents is the best condition for the children. The court of Oklahoma realizes that each of the parents has a stable, significant and unique contribution to the upbringing of the children. If the scenario is that bad and divorce is a necessity for you, you must understand the types of custody and its impact on your children’s life. You can consult with the child custody attorney in OKC for the details and take help.

Here is some basic information for you. Only an attorney can provide the details and the needful advice.

The family court of Oklahoma always prefers joint custody as this is the best option for the children. This means sharing all the responsibilities and decisions for the children as parents even after divorce. Both parents have provision to decide the school for their children, the medical treatment they should have, the sports and religious practice they are in. Both parents are allowed here to spend a significant amount of time with the children.

On the other hand, where sole custody of one parent is assigned, that parent would have the right to make all decisions for the children. Here, the court allows the non-custodial parent to receive a standard visitation.

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Oklahoma court also has provision for the split custody. Here both of the parents can receive custody of the children. In this unique situation, the children will stay with the family home and the parents would rotate in and out maintaining their scheduled visitation time. For more details of this unique provision, you must consult the child custody attorney in OKC.

For visiting the children, there are also certain orders of the court. There are mainly three types of visitations allowed by the court of Oklahoma.

1. Weekend Visit: The span is Friday to Sunday evening or Monday Morning.

2. Holiday Visit: It is a scheduled visit the children on certain holidays.

3. Summer Visit: It is not interrupted by weekend visits.

You must have more queries as the entire topic is described in a nutshell here. There is child custody attorney in OKC who can help you out with the necessary information about the same. Mazaheri Law Firm is one of the best law firms of Oklahoma where you can find experienced lawyers to handle the case with adequate skills and compassion needed.