Alternative Divorce Methods – What You Didn’t Know

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As two weddings are not the same, so there are two similar divorces. The traditional divorce method doesn't work for many couples. Although the likelihood of a first marriage ending in divorce within five years is 20%, the way to divorce is not "right."

Whether you are considering or are in the process of divorce, here are some great alternatives to the traditional model.

DIY Divorce

Whatever your divorce, or the amount of legal knowledge you might possess, it is never a good idea to do-it-yourself divorces. Divorce is a complex legal and financial process. You should certainly not handle a divorce without the necessary legal assistance of divorce attorney in OKC. So, while in a relatively straightforward case without children and without assets this could seem a good idea, you should take a step back and reconsider otherwise.


Mediation is a great alternative for couples who divorce in friendly terms. The process involves working with a neutral mediator, who is often chosen by a group of divorce attorneys in OKC, and who helps both parties to reach a final divorce agreement. While a broker doesn't have to be a divorce lawyer, he needs to be experienced in family law and divorce matters. Things to remember about mediation:

  • A better long-term relationship with your spouse

  • Make the process kid-friendly

  • Reduce total divorce expenditure

Collaborative Divorce

Just put, collaborative divorce happens when a couple agrees without going to court to find a divorce settlement.

Each one of you and your spouse will hire a divorce attorney in OKC who has trained in the collective divorce procedure during a collaborative divorce. Attorneys play a quite different role in collaborative divorce than in traditional divorce. Each lawyer advises and helps the client to negotiate a settlement agreement. You both will meet your lawyers separately. Other neutral professionals, such as a divorce financial planner, can be involved in the collaboration process, which will help you to resolve your financial problems as well as a coach or therapist who can help you both through childcare and other emotional issues.

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Litigated Divorce

The fourth option for divorce is the most frequent. "Litigated" does not mean that the divorce is brought before the court. The overwhelming majority (over 95%) of all divorce cases reach a settlement agreement out of court. The term 'contentious proceedings' means legal proceedings.

Why are divorce proceedings? Divorce usually does not involve two persons who agree to end their marriage, contrary to popular belief. The decision to divorce is unilateral in 80% of cases –one party wants to divorce and the other not. That, by its nature itself, lead to an adversarial situation immediately which, since both methods depend on the full cooperation of both parties and on the voluntary disclosure of all financial information, often rejects mediation and collaborative divorce.

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