Are You All Set for the Child Custody Battle?

Child with Dad

It is difficult for everyone concerned to go to court for custody of your kids. In addition to emotionally and financially straining it through divorce, parents are concerned not to have time with their kids. Children are impacted when they recognize that their mom and dad do not live under the same roof in the future. If the parents cannot agree on the arrangements for child custody alone, then their discrepancies will come before the trial in OKC with the help of custody lawyers and the judge will give all decisions.

Basic Custody

You and your ex can not decide how much time each parent will have with the children due to the reality that you are in the midst of a custody conflict. You'll have to present your case to a judge if you can't settle your case through mediation. In any custody choice, the best interests of a child are essential.

A judge will examine various variables to determine the best interests of a child. These variables include, but do not limit themselves to

  • Relationship of parents with the child

  • Financial condition of the parents

  • Physical and mental health of the parents

  • Emotional and physical needs of the child

  • Relationship of child with the siblings

  • Guarantee for a safe and stable environment for the child

  • The child’s opinion

Process of Child Custody

If parents are not able to arrive at an appropriate custody agreement themselves or in mediation, the court system will decide where the kids live and how their visits will operate. The judges of family courts decide what is best for the children, not necessarily what the parents want. The parent can take help of the custody lawyers in OKC to win it. In most cases, physical custody is given to one parent and visitation is given to the other, but the children are given joint legal custody.

One parent will accept a parenting plan, and the other will not agree to it in some other cases. If a parent does not agree with the scheme, he or she needs to go to court to resolve the problem. In this circumstance both parents should maintain the support of family laws or child custody lawyers to ensure proper representation and protection of their parental rights. It is also helpful to have a good custody lawyer in OKC to make the custody arrangement as much for you as possible.

When a child custody matter is brought before the court, several factors will be taken into consideration by the court and the judge in deciding which parent is the main custodian. In addition, the judge will also consider which household is best suited both physically and financially for the kids and which parent is best suited to caring for the kids.

  • Child’s Gender

  • Child’s Age

  • Medical History of the child

In addition, the court sometimes requests that the child be heard where he or she wishes to be living when the child is 12 years old or older.

A lawyer

How to be Prepared

It is essential to be ready as soon as possible when entering a court to argue for childcare. Preparation implies that your arguments are aligned, but it also means properly bringing the correct individuals along.

  • Prepare your arguments. Hire a custody lawyer in OKC, they will help you with this;

  • Prepare responses to any issues that might arise. For instance, if you have a full time jobs and a little child, the judge will probably ask where your child will go after school. The judge would want to understand where your kid is going to sleep if you are staying in a one-bedroom apartment.

  • Bring individuals like infants or educators to support your claim to be a top parent correctly and efficiently.

  • Wear official, conservative clothes, hairstyles and makeup that send your message.

The fighting for child custody is very emotional. While all of them wish to have their kids in custody, it is essential to remember who in this legal case is most crucial-the kids. The best possible course of action is often to achieve a custody agreement between parents through mediation or by themselves. However, if one parent is not prepared to compromise on the custody agreement, or if both parents are not prepared, the case will go to trial and the judge may decide. It is feasible to achieve a positive result if the situation is correctly prepared.

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