Can Rapist Have Child Custody Rights?

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Different studies have estimated in the past two decades that between 17,000 and 32,000 pregnancies associated with rape are present each year in the United States. The issue of parental rights and custody of children designed as a result of sexual assault is addressed in the new government and state legislation. The custody lawyers in OKC can explain it better.

Congress passed the Justice for Trafficking Victims Act in May 2015. Title IV, the Child Custody Act for Rape Survivors, increases STOP formula funding to those States which have legislation allowing mothers of children conceived of through rape to enquire for the ending of parental rights of their violators by the Violence Against Women Act (U.S.C. 3796gg et seq.). The increased funding is for a period of 2 years but not more than four times for the same state.

Here are some questions that can often come to your mind which custody lawyers in OKC explain quite well. Here are the frequently asked ones.

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In Oklahoma, what parental rights can be terminated?

All rights are terminated, including custody of the child, right to visit them, make decisions for them, and get benefits from the child’s earning.

What are the other rights impacted for this termination of rights?

  1. No need to obtain the permission of the rapist parent to adopt the child

  2. The rapist may not possess a child, but the child may inherit the parent.

What proof is required to terminate the rapist’s parental rights?

It requires that the child is "found" through clear and persuasive evidence from an attack.

May a court require a rapist to pay child support?

The support duty of Rapist parents will remain intact until the child is taken over.

A 1996 study concluded that there are over 32,000 pregnancies that are caused by rape every year. Although two-third of these women decided to abort the conceived child, almost 33% chose to go through pregnancy. After that, some chose to give the child for adoption, but many chose to raise the child.

Many raped women don't understand that if they choose to go through pregnancy, they have parental rights to a child. For them, and for most Americans, it is entirely unthinkable that violators have any lawful rights about a child conceived during a rap. Rapists with rights of custody and access to the list of matters that should not be legal yet.

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