Child Custody and Marijuana – Can These Two Go Together?

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Divorce and family law attorneys have waited for an approach to determine how the use and ownership of legal marijuana nowadays impact parental rights because marijuana has been legalized in Oklahoma. There are still important questions concerning the impact on divorce, child custody, and DCF cases of legal marijuana usage. Although the new legislation seeks to protect parents and caregivers using marijuana recreationally, there is continuing social stigma surrounding the use of marijuana–in particular among older generation judges who are determining custody concerns. Discuss with your child custody lawyers in Oklahoma City for a better view to it.

There is a discussion on the relative safety of vaping about smoking, but let us concentrate more on how it can affect the custody of children.

Since this is relatively new, it doesn't have a lot of hard data. Certainly, since vaping does not cause smoke, it does not involve any of the risks of second-hand smoke. This is probably a positive thing for some people.

However, judges can also view it in terms of safety, like smoking cigarettes in front of your children. Another thing will be seen as negative with the use of marijuana around your children. There's a great deal of unexplored territory, and it varies between cases; the reaction of a certain judge is almost unpredictable.

In general, marijuana consumption, regardless of the methods of delivery, is likely considered by the courts. Whether it's smoking, steaming, eating, or using other products, it will probably become a discussion topic in your custody case where you must need custody lawyers in Oklahoma City to handle it.

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Legal Marijuana and Child Custody

This territory is still largely unknown. Consequently, no amount of information is available regarding the influence of legal marijuana on child custody. In statistics and difficult numbers, at least.

What we have to do is a growing body of anecdotal proofs from all over the country. Many of the cases finally work, but this is a terrible experience for parents. Although the courts may rule that these children are not in any imminent danger, these warning stories show that legal marijuana is inhabited in the shady gray zone at present. Especially where minor children are involved.

If you are a parent who indulges in divorce or separation, you are best advised to know how the lawful and unlawful use of marijuana may affect your custody. If confused, ask custody lawyers in Oklahoma City.

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