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It can be harmful if your ex fails to uphold your court order's end during your divorce. Court orders on marital assistance, child support and custody for children are often the first to be rejected in an ex-life following a change in conditions. This is also the unlucky outcome if an ex-spouse has anger, jealousy or emotion. You can take ways, depending on the cause of the disturbance, to get stuff back on track or to take them in disgust.

With centuries of experience in family legislation, our team of experienced top family law attorneys in Oklahoma City can review your case, determine how best to proceed and work with you to enforce order in the course of your divorce or custody contract. We know that when you receive no cash, or when child custody contracts are not respected it is frustrating and disorderly.

Your Options

With the assistance of top family law attorneys in Oklahoma City from our team, the following alternatives allow you to enforce court instructions:

You can ask your local law enforcement for assistance in case of custody orders and contact a district attorney. It is best to seek the assistance of the lawyer before taking this action because it can lead to severe implications. You can dismiss a court for this sort of disobedience.

For child support, you can demand that salaries be refused or that your driver's license be suspended, a lien be taken out or tax returns be intercepted. You can also apply a passport limitation to stop travel if an individual does not pay child support.

For spousal support, an income deduction order can be issued, which will withhold the payer's spousal subsidy money to pay the spousal subsidy entitled.

Holding US Dollar and Wallet

If Ex Does Not Pay

Unfortunately, sometimes a court order is not enough to pay child assistance. If the other parent of your child does not pay for the support to which you have the right, you have options. Our top family law attorneys in oklahoma city can cooperate with you to submit a motion for an order requiring them to appear before the tribunal, showing reasons for not disregarding them civilly or criminally. The tribunal can impose severe implications if the parent is disregarded, for example, fine, tax refund holding, imprisonment, wage garnishment etc.


Whether you're facing an imminent divorce or need assistance in enforcing current instructions, our staff has the expertise and expertise to do your job well. We can assist you to decide which avenue will suit your condition best and stand by you.

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