Data Security and Employment Law – An Inevitable Bond

Data Security Concept

The active list of ways employees–and their employers–get into trouble is among the most exciting aspects of employment law. Recently, employment lawyers in OKC have witnessed a surge in legal cases by or against employees related to electronic security attacks, making the perfect time to update us on the legal implications of cybersecurity.

Data violations exposed almost 179 million records in 2017. We know that the way cybercriminals gain access to networks and valuable data has become more creative. There are ways to prevent sensitive data breaches in your organization. Here are four of the most common examples of cyber attacks and ways of avoiding them.

  1. Phishing is caused for lack of training and attention to detail in emails.

  2. Mobile Attack takes place for employees that use cell phones to access corporate data and networks.

  3. Malware Infiltration is the outcome of obsolete software and the absence of support protocols.

  4. USB can be vulnerable to lack of external device education and policy.

Ways to Prevent It

The first step in reducing human error in cyber security incidents is the creation of a cybersecurity policy that defines cybersecurity for your employees. Here is a list of ten points for your policy to help you get started:

Employment Law
  • Accentuate how CyberSecurity is important

  • Get a tool to detect phishing and related scams

  • Get a particular security portal for sensitive data

  • Encourage your employees to learn effective password management

  • Ensure the security in the portable media

  • Ask your employees to turn on the auto-update mode.

  • Ask your employees to lock their computers

  • If a device is stolen, report immediately

If a data breach results in a cyber-attack, be aware of your customers and customers' requirements to communicate the breach. Employment law imposes certain requirements on what employers have to do in case they find the personal information of employees which have been compromised.

An employer who learns that the security of the personal information of his employees has been violated must conduct a reasonable and prompt investigation with help from employment lawyers in OKC in order to determine the misuse of personal information. If the employer is aware of a potential misuse of the information, he shall notify the affected employees.

Data and data media are changing how we think about employee and employer liability. Consult with Mazaheri Law Firm when human error puts you in harm's way at your data-centered workplace.

** Disclaimer: This blog content is no substitute for legal advice and in no way implies a lawyer-client relationship.