Divorce Ahead – Things You Should Not Miss

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A divorce is an enormous undertaking, as common as the practice may appear. Try to protect your interests and be prepared to be proactive ahead of the divorce when you can plan especially to ask your spouse for a divorce (or when you know the divorce is coming).

Attorney Consultation

At this stage of your divorce, legal advice is invaluable, and it is undoubtedly in your best interest to visit a divorce attorney in OKC. Although you have not yet filed a divorce, before you move on, your lawyer will be able to review your situation and give you any information you may need. You can also inform you of issues, such as healthcare coverage, pension, and educational expenses, that you have never considered. No two divorces are equal, so it can help you better prepare your case with the legal professionals.


The divorce process requires thorough documentation. Be proactive when collecting the necessary paperwork to prevent struggles and stresses at the last minute or not being able to access documents. You will require copies of all banks' accounts, investments, other properties, health coverage, tax information, marriage certificates, etc. Make copies of all and keep one folder for yourself and give another folder to a trusted friend.

Custody Goals

If you have children, they probably lead the way when you have a divorce. They are in custody. You should know that you and your partner will eventually be custodians of children in the absence of extreme circumstances. It is a good idea to sit down and sift through your work schedule, the program of your children and your other obligations and come up with the desired custody schedule.

Make Necessary Purchase

In most jurisdictions, at the beginning of your divorce case, the judge automatically issues an order which prohibits your spouse from selling, purchasing, or otherwise burdening any marital property or disposing of it. The courts do this to prevent spouses or dissipate marital property from draining their bank accounts.

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Joint Accounts and Credit Card

Your divorce attorney in OKC might advise you to close the accounts or leave them the same depending on how you and your spouse manage your joint financial accounts and credit cards. Your spouse will not be able to run bills on your behalf or drain bank accounts in a situation where both circumstances can take the whole divorce to settled. Your counsel can best advise you if you should half-divide, close, or leave the accounts before divorce is filed.

Save Money

The divorce procedure can be costly, so the plan is in your best interest. Once you have passed through your financial portfolio, it is time to bump and set up a budget. Take care of the new costs, such as rents, personal medical coverage, divorce attorney fees, and so forth that may be required during your divorce. You can save as much as you can once you have set financial objectives.

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** Disclaimer: This blog content is no substitute for legal advice and in no way implies a lawyer-client relationship.