Employment-Based Green Card Interviews

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USCIS seldom did interviews in person for job-based status case adjustment until very recently. Instead, only in approximately 5-10% of all occupational-based status adjustments did USCIS interviews. On 28 August 2017, USCIS announced that its use of interviews in employment-based status adjustment would expand dramatically.

How to Adjust Form I-140 Petitions?

The fresh rules for interviews do not alter the way USCIS awards Form I-140 requests. Service centers in USCIS are going to continue awarding Form I-140. Service centers proceed to file form I-485s submitted simultaneously with FormI-140. Upon approval of form-140, a local USCIS field office will conduct an interview, for detail conduct an immigration lawyer in OKC.

Documents for Interview

USCIS Officials should not adjudicate Form I-140s already authorized during the in-person interview. Instead, choices taken by USCIS service centers should be deferred. However, USCIS officials should check the documentation supported by USCIS field bureau for the approval of FormI-140 during the interview. Officers should in specific ensure that the files submitted with the-140 form are "exact, trustworthy and reliable." This implies that interviewees must revise their authorized Form I-140 request to understand the records that have been presented to USCIS. Any papers submitted with Form I-140 should also be provided in the original interview.


Documents to Carry

Please check the USCIS interview message for a list of what you expect. Be careful to add about the assembly on this list, in need, you may also contact an immigration lawyer in OKC:

A full copy of the request for I-130 and status adjustment. The officer will check these records, and if you have them, you will have an easier time. Also, your copies may become an essential piece of the entire image, if something is missing in your file.

If you are visiting while you await your interview, any other traveled papers, for instance, allow your advance speech.

Your passport that will include the non-immigrant visa you entered the United States (unless you entered it without inspections, but it's unlikely that you can adjust your status if you do). Your passport.

Original documents, such as birth and wedding certificates are presented to USCIS, for the agent to check whether these records are true.

Doctor's report on form I-693 from your necessary medical examination. If you have not submitted this report make request for modification.

If you apply based on your job, your employer will send a letter up to date (or more) documenting your continuing employment at the stated wage.

In case of wedding application, copies plus originals of papers indicating your shared life, such as joint rental or mortgages, loan card or joint bank accounts, birth certificates for children, etc.

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