How Adoption Works During Divorce

Mom and Daughter

Divorce does not have to stop adoption but may be a barrier requiring thorough planning and management during adoption. The effects of divorce on adoption depend on the rights of biological parents and the court's decisions which approve the adoption. Therefore, lawyers in Oklahoma City can help you the best. There are many types of adoption.

Consensual adoptions take place when parents give up their parental rights voluntarily and agree to give their children to the adoptive parents. Consensus adoptions may be organized via an adoption organization, a family or private relationship.

When the biological parents' consent is based on the idea that the child will go to a married two-parent home, biological parents have the right to cancel a divorce before the adoption is finalized.

Adoptions are common in stepparents. The children of their new wife wish to be adopted by many stepparents. Stepparent adoption is normally an accelerated process when the other biological parent agrees or has no legal children rights. To make it easier, contact our adoption lawyers in Oklahoma City.

Factors to Affect Next Steps

Children's best interests. If a court considers that continued adoption will present the child in question with difficulty, the court is likely to decide to stop the process.

The birth parents' wishes. The parents at birth may require the baby to go to a stable married family. Alternatively, due to the anticipated divorce-related chaos, the agency can stop the adoption. The parents who are born can also decide to continue with one or both parents in custody.

International adoptions are subject to special restrictions. Some international adoption agencies impose specific rules on the type of home that a child can be adopted into.

Mom and Daughter

More Information

Adoptions from the foster care system may also take place. The rights of biological parents of the child were usually terminated or terminated in foster care adoption. The biological parents have no legal ground to contest an adoption once their rights have been officially terminated.

The court which approves the adoption shall have the last say during foster care as to how a divorce affects the adoption. The court must take into consideration what is in the best interests of the child and may allow for the adoption, allow a parent to adopt or complete the adoption.

When there is a divorce between the biological parent and the stepparent is hoping that it will be approved by the court during the adoption process, all states have to marry the stepparent with the biological parent for stepparent adoption.

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