How Is the DV Program in The United States?

Immigration Law

The Congress's conference mandates are to administer a fresh category of immigrants known as Diversity Immigrants (DV Immigrants) on an annual basis by the Department of State. Every year, up to 50,000 permanent resident visas are issued to people in small immigration nations to the U.S. For obvious reasons we find people badly in need for immigration attorney in OKC seeking help to know about rules and regulations.

The annual DV Program offers individuals who meet easy, but stringent, eligibility criteria permanent residency visas. Diversity visa applicants are selected with a random lottery drawing generated by computer. Visas are spread across six geographic areas where there is a higher amount of visas for areas with low immigration rates, with more than 50,000 immigrants in the previous five years without visas being shipped to people of nations. No nation can obtain more than 7% of accessible Diversity Visas in any one year within each area.

Each year, the Diversity Visa Immigrants Program is intended to enable a number of people to immigrate from low-income nations. Section 203(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act provides for the reservation for the program of an amount of visa requirements (presently 50,000 visas per year). Visas are allocated among six areas under the program. Moreover, no more than 7% of visas issued annually may be awarded to citizens of the same nation. In addition, citizens of high immigration countries to the United States cannot apply for a visa through this program. (The list of nations where people are presently not eligible is provided by the link annexed.

Applicants must fulfill a stringent training / work experience requirement if they are to be qualified under the program. Applicants must have a secondary education equal to two years' job experience in the previous five years in order to be eligible. Individuals who cannot show that they comply with this requirement cannot immigrate to the program but can contact immigration lawyer in OKC to know how to comply.

Applicants who have achieved the above qualification can add certain qualifying family members to their application. In general, applicants may also apply for their spouses and unmarried kids under the age of 21.

Visas are a lengthy and complex method through the Diversity Visa Program. It is important that every phase of the process is properly carried out or that an applicant is unable to be authorized for a visa. Mazaheri Law Firm is well versed in the visa program for diversity and you can turn up to us for immigration attorney in OKC. Our immigration law firm based in Oklahoma City regularly enables people to obtain visas through the Visa Diversity Program.

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