How Should Be Your Social Media Approach during Divorce?

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Social media has irrevocably been linked with modern lifestyles and most people who envisage divorce have at least one social account active. While remaining active on different social media platforms during and after your divorce is okay, take some time to look at a few things related to your online profiles if you are looking for an easy divorce process. For a hassle-free divorce process, you can call our divorce attorney in OKC.

Before Divorce

Social media has an impact on marriage even before a divorce is on the horizons. According to different conducted studies, there is a correlation between Facebook and divorce rates. In each state, and each analytical model employed, it was observed that the increased use of social media reduced the quality of marriage.

During Divorce

Rethink whether social media is a good idea if you are in the heart of a divorce. Everything you say or do in an open forum, like Facebook, could be utilized to fight you if you are in a heated divorce fight. In this situation, social use should be minimized, privacy settings taken extreme care of and your lists of friends trimmed to only your closest confidants.

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After Divorce

If you have no children, after the divorce is complete your social media status is quite free. However, you may want to be aware of your ex going into online forums because you are still likely to share social or business circles online. You may even keep your ex as a friend online if you have experienced an amicable divorce or don't get emotionally upset by reminders.

A Few Tips

Think well before you post. Remember this forever - even if your ex doesn't see an abrasive past, at least a few people have seen it even if you decide to remove it on your favorite social site. These might become harmful screenshots that can be used in court against you. Therefore, you can call our divorce attorney in OKC to help you, but prevention is better than cure.

Check for damage. You can take action if you start the divorce process and use your Facebook page to unravel your relationship. Lock your privacy configurations first. You may also want to change to a high security password. Also, scan the list of your friend and remove anyone who could spy on you for your ex or cause drama.

Maintain your life under wraps for the time being. Even if you weren't very active online before your divorce, it's always a good idea to keep your social media accounts while you split.

Do not post any unlawful content. It's also a good idea not to post or be tagged in pictures of you doing anything questionable like drinking, especially if child custody is a concern.

Following a divorce, don't berate your ex on social networks, in particular, because you still share some personal and professional links. Your children are socially knowledgeable, too. So, again, show restraint, even if your ex doesn't. Do not think your 3-year-old child will never read and resend what you wrote about their other parent. The internet's memory runs deep.

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