How to Adopt an Abandoned Child?

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Adoption laws differ significantly, sometimes, from state to state, e.g., in Oklahoma City, but in general, adoption of an abandoned child must determine, to the satisfaction of the court, that the abandonment did take place. There must be reasonable efforts to find a missing parent, and if the parent is found or his or her place of business known, it must be reasonable to show that he or she has decided to leave the child before any adoption procedure can proceed.

The U.S. is very serious about the problem of children's abandonment— the proverbial baby wrapped in a blanket and left in the doorway to expose the child to the whims of fate as the parents evade prosecution. Each country has enacted legislation, to provide responsible alternatives, usually requiring the parents to turn their children in to local welfare services and temporary care.

The fastest growing class of children in foster care has become newborns since the last such law was passed in 2008. Adoptive families for babies are easier to find than for older children, but infants also are more vulnerable to variability and inadequacy.

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Abandoned Child Adoption

The rules on who can and cannot adopt a child are very complex and vary from state to state, therefore prospective parents need to contact an adoption lawyer in Oklahoma City.

Unmarried couples can adopt a baby jointly in some states, and some states need a married couple like Oklahoma. No states restrict the adoption of a child by an unmarried person, but certain adoption agencies may set standards that do.

Also, the adoption process with many screenings and background checkups can be long and laborious.

Forward adoptive parents should be involved in the home study process in all countries. Foreseeable parents will have to be educated about how to meet the needs of a child. Social workers also interview prospective parents and make sure that the prospective parent and home are fit to take care of the child on several occasions. Even if the process may appear long and invasive, it is important that children are placed in safe homes with competent parents.

Alas, life is not a fairy tale. If an abandoned child is found, inform the authorities immediately. Consult an experienced local adoption lawyer in Oklahoma City if you plan and need help adopting the child.

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