How to Deal with Disability Discrimination at the Workplace?

A disable person on wheelchair

Disabilities discrimination relates to measures that employers take, which in breach of the American Disabilities Act or the Rehabilitation Act result in staff or candidates being treated unfavorably due to disability. These laws apply only to covered staff and employers.

Disability discrimination legislation also protects staff and candidates who are less well-advised because they have a disability history or are considered to be disabled. Federal regulations on discrimination against persons with disabilities also safeguard people against discrimination. With perceived disabilities, it must be thought that the person has a not transitory or minor physical or mental impairment. In essence, "transitory" means that the damage will last six months or less.

For instance, an individual who has cancer and is now on remission may still be discriminated against due to his cancer history. An employee or a candidate is less commonly handled because he or she is supposed to have an incapacity even if he or she does not. In case you are ill-treated in your workplace, contact employment lawyers in OKC.  

Accommodations for Disabled People

The disability legislation requires employers to provide reasonable accommodation for disabled staff or work seekers, but only if this does not result in substantial burdens or expenses for the employer. This is called "unnatural difficulties" and navigation can be very hard.

Harassment and Disability

It is unlawful for employers or co-workers, as is racial harassment or sexual harassment, to persecute an employee or applicant for disability. Harassment involves offensive statements but does not typically include simple teasing or offhand remarks. As with other types of bullying at the workplace, the remarks or actions must be common or serious enough to produce a hostile working atmosphere. Harassment can also be done if it leads to a negative choice of jobs.


Discrimination in the Workplace

Federal law protects staff who are discriminated against on any of the grounds mentioned above. It should be held responsible for employers involved in such an activity. If you experience this kind of therapy, it is advisable to seek the advice of a lawyer from Mazaheri Law Firm for employment lawyers in OKC.

Anyone who feels discrimination based on race, age, ethnicity, disability, sex, religion or pregnancy can lodge a complaint with the Oklahoma Commission on Employment. This involves anyone applying for, presently working or lately terminated jobs.

On the other hand, a number of staff have tried to use their race, sex or faith to take unreasonable and unfair complaints against employers. In such instances, employers can be protected against the effect of unfair charges under labor law.


Some staff fear employers' retribution after reporting discrimination at work. Unfortunately, after standing up for themselves, some employers were known to reprisals and firing a worker. This is an unacceptable type of behavior. There is both federal and state Oklahoma legislation in place to safeguard workers against such reprisals.

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