Joint Custody – For Your Child and Yourself

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One crucial element of divorce is who will gain and how much. Couples in OKC seeking divorce often employ divorce lawyers because they can't agree on how they can equally or fairly split their property. When it is difficult for couples seeking divorce to agree on how to divide property, you can understand how hard it is to reach agreements on how to find out what is best about their childrens’ custody.

You may not be thinking about the benefits of your child custody arrangement depending on how you have been sharing physical custody with your ex. Even if you are forced into it or also if your choice wasn't exactly the best, to follow this form of custody, the unexpected benefits are quite persuasive. Although these side benefits should never be the prime reason for choosing joint physical custody, if you have problems looking on the bright side of a short term joint custody arrangement, they will certainly be worth considering.

  • Parental sharing also means sharing the joys, the challenges, and indeed the discipline. If you share 50/50 joint custody, you can work together with your ex-spouse to create rules for your houses and apply them. A disciplined team approach can be particularly helpful as your children get older and test their borders in new ways.

  • With the influence of both parents, the children can grow up. Both parents with shared legal custody can decide anything for the child. Both parents are rightful custodian to live with the children. A divorce lawyer in OKC can help you understand it better.

  • Again, this is not a reason to choose physical custody together, but it is undoubtedly an advantage. If you know exactly when your children will be with your ex, then you know if you are free to hire a babysitter or to come back home at a particular moment.

  • It is not only that, as a parent of joint custody, you're going to have more 'me-time’, you can plan for it. Joint custody can also allow you the time and energy to reach the next level in your career.

  • It is less stressful for parents in shared custody to fulfil the responsibilities. The physical upbringing of a child and all the important decisions for a child are on one parent otherwise. Proper joint custody with the help of a divorce lawyer in OKC divides the burden.

  • Naturally, when you share joint custody, you share more of the costs of raising your children. This may me a better alternative to contentious and compulsory child support payments.

  • You may not want to parent with your ex, of course. However, if you have a joint physical custody agreement in courts, you will have to collaborate to see how you split your time. Find out what works best for your children on various schedules. After you have arrived in a predictable routine, take advantage of the fact that you will have to plan, knowing in advance which days the kids are with you.

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In the course of some years, lawyers who deal with child custody cases have observed that joint custody for all divorce couples is not the right choice. Both parents are theoretically beneficial for a child. In reality, only if both parents are prepared to work together keeping their differences aside, the children will benefit from joint custody. It is essential when you move on to your decision to have a good divorce lawyer in OKC to help you get the greatest benefit. Contact our specialized team at Mazaheri Law Firm and process the custody arrangement with ease.

** Disclaimer: This blog content is no substitute for legal advice and in no way implies a lawyer-client relationship.