Know About the Temporary Custody of Children during Divorce

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The separation of parents, no matter how inevitable and required it is, affects the entire family. The children face the ill-effects of their parents’ divorce the most. The closing of the case, figuring out the custody of the kids etc. takes time. What happens to the child during this period?

It is dependent on you and your spouse to decide the final custody and the arrangement in between and your child custody lawyers in Oklahoma City help you with each step. Some divorces are mutual and friendly and you and your spouse may see eye-to-eye on most things in the divorce. It is possible however, that you may have several disagreements about property division, alimony and child support. You should approach everything with a level head. Doing so, you will be able to find out mutually-agreeable solutions for the problems raised.

If a permanent solution is taking a long time, your child custody lawyers in Oklahoma City recommend you to agree on a temporary custody solution. It also helps the children in the future to stay away from the negative aspects of the divorce. The temporary custody solution will follow these below-mentioned terms:

  • It will be dependent on which parent’s home is near to their school.

  • Who can spend the most of the time with them.

  • Who will be available for the children to take them to their extracurricular activities?

  • The preference of the child also matters.

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If the temporary custody agreement that is set up does not go the way you think it should, you can appeal to the court. Also, if you are ready to share custody or think that it wouldn’t be good to leave your children in your spouse’s custody, you can ask the court to step in. Here, your child custody lawyers in Oklahoma City will file a ‘request for order’ to the court. This order will last up until your divorce is final. Once the divorce is finalized, the custody will fall into the terms of the permanent custody of the child.

These are some points that should be included in the ‘request for order’:

  1. A detailed explanation of the type of order.

  2. A request for the specific type of custody.

  3. Evidence and declarations that support your request.

Your spouse will also have the opportunity to respond to your request with evidence and a declaration. The judge will later review both the requests and the response and any relevant documents. They will then set a mediation and court date at two different times.

In the process of mediation, your child custody lawyers in Oklahoma City will help you resolve the custody dispute. It can be done before going to the court. The mediator will listen to both you and your spouse. The motto is to find a temporary custody solution that is convenient for both of you.

In case the mediation is unsuccessful, the case will be presented to the court. The judge will issue an order while keeping the children’s best interest in mind.

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