Learn the Terms and Conditions of Child Custody

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When it comes to deciding what’s best for children during their parents’ divorce, difficult decisions need to be made. The custody of children is one of the things which parents need to think beforehand. If there are troubles in deciding who will get custody, it becomes more problematic for the children. As the law varies from place to place, it is better to hire an attorney from your state so that you don’t have any problem in understanding the law and abiding by it. If you live in OKC, your custody lawyers will have told you about the terms in Oklahoma pertaining to divorce and custody.

There are two types of custody applicable in almost all places. One is legal custody and the other is physical custody. Each type of custody incorporates different rights to participate in the children’s lives. Being parents, you and your spouse should try create an arrangement that works for you both, when doing this, it is imperative to understand the significance of each type of custody.

This is just a brief idea for you, your custody lawyers in OKC will be able to define it more indepth.

Legal Custody

The term legal custody refers to the parent’s authority to make a decision in the children’s lives. It may include education, housing, medical treatment, religion etc. It empowers the parents to have the final say in these decisions. Legal custody can be joint or sole.

Joint custody is preferred by the court, where both of the parents would have the authority to make decisions on their children’s behalf. In this case, they have to collaborate and all decisions should be in the best interest of the children. Penalties would be in place if either parent does not consult with the other when making an important decision.

On the other hand, sole custody empowers one of the parents to make all decisions for the children. The court allows sole custody when one of the parents demonstrates the others inability to make a sound decisions for the children.

Without legal custody, a parent is not be able to make decisions for their children after the divorce.

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Physical Custody

Physical custody enables the parents to be present in the children’s lives. The children will be living with the parent who has got physical custody. After the divorce, if physical custody is joint, the children may split time between the two homes of their parents.

Again the court prefers joint physical custody, rather than sole. It makes it easier for the parents to stay in touch with their children, which is good for the children as well. In terms of joint physical custody, the children may not always be able to split equal time with both of the parents. One of the parents may have primary custodial rights. This would be the parent who can take better care of the children and can spend more time with them.

Sole custody is given when the other parent is not as capable as the other in terms of parenting. While deciding custody, the court always makes a decision by what is in the children’s interest. Many times, the parent who does not have physical custody of the children is liable to pay child support.

The custody lawyers in OKC can help you best to know more details about the custody rights for your children. It is better to consult a lawyer with your spouse and decide on the arrangement to make sure the children have the best possible outcome. Come to Mazaheri Law Firm to get a group of professionals to help with your case. We are always here to have your back.

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