Make Your Holidays Better with Your Kids Even after Divorce

Happy Holidays

Holidays are enjoyable for all. Kids wait for the holidays to spend time playing, staying with their families, having fun, and going on a trip. But, for everyone, things are not that simple. When the winter holidays are around the corner, we find it relevant to discuss child custody for holidays in this blog.

Families in which the parents are divorced, kids face difficulties during the holidays regarding the custody. Figuring out which parent is going to get the custody for the holidays can create immense trouble and pain for the kids.

If you don’t prepare beforehand, it is possible that your spouse would get a majority of the kids’ custody for the holidays. It is good to avoid any kind of problem if you sign in a child custody agreement beforehand. You should contact the child custody attorney in OKC to know about the agreement in details if you really your kids to be around you during the holidays.

There are several ways to design a child custody agreement. At first, you have to accept this fact that you can’t spend each and every holiday with your kids after your divorce. Four considerable points are there to be remembered in this context.

  1. Holiday rituals, traditions and ceremonies which are important for you.

  2. Logistics to affect your holiday plans.

  3. The best interest of your child.

  4. The preference of your child.


There are three types of holiday settlements after divorce that can keep a mutual understanding between the parents so that kids do not have to participate in a tug of war for their parents’ divorce.

  1. Even Year and Odd Year: With the help of your child custody attorney in OKC you can make this arrangement where you and your spouse can spend your holidays with your kids each alternate year. If your kids are spending this Christmas with your spouse, next year, it will be your turn. You can just make this agreement like the even years will be your spouse’s and odd years will be yours to spend time with your kids.

  2. Dedicated Holidays: It is possible that a holiday really holds immense importance for you whereas your spouse has some other festival of the same importance. You can make the agreement that you can get the custody of your kids on your important day and vice versa. In case, you sacrifice your custody for your spouse, understanding the importance, you will get another added day to spend with your kids.

  3. Extended Holidays: The extended holidays like summer holidays, winter holidays and spring holidays can be divided between you and your spouse if you want. As some of the parents want to spend extended time with their kids rather than just one special occasion and this agreement is for them. If you want it too, you can consult the child custody attorney in OKC for arranging that.

The timeshare percentage is decided upon the primary custody of the kids while divorce. The primary custody holder will obviously get more holidays to spend with their kids. The percentage generally remains 70% for the primary custodian. For the non-custodial parent, the agreements are very important for the holidays to ensure their time with the kids.

Come to us at Mazaheri Law Firm where experienced child custody attorney in OKC would handle your case. Remember, the custody is decided based on the best of kids’ interest. Our lawyer will take care of the fact and help your kids to get the best time with their parents in holidays.