Military Divorce Filing – The Rate and Process

Couples and military divorce concept

When a military family divorces, distinctive problems arise. Understanding the complicated issues associated with a military divorce leads to better choices and fairer results. Some of the most common concerns are highlighted here. It is not precisely the same as other divorces that military divorce entails; it involves other legal problems. The family law attorney in OKC can explain in a better way.

The divorce rate is roughly 3.0% according to the 2018 statistics for the military service members. This is an approximately 0.1% reduction since 2017. The figures may be greater or lower depending on the branch of service and marriage rates between male and female men; however, they may not offer a precise image. The rate is significantly greater at around 6.3% when the information is examined based on female employees. If the rate is calculated using the males, it will be estimated at 2.6%.

At the start of the fiscal year, the divorce rate is based on marriage figures, adjusted based on the figures. The Pentagon representatives divide up the information into sub-groups by branch of service, male staff and female staff. One factor not examined is whether civil revision has a part to play in a divorce.

It is unknown, however, whether the loss of some advantages may put pressure on an already tight marriage. The result is the loss of some advantages. It is hard, since not all countries release such information, to compare the military divorce rate with public figures. Regardless of the factors behind the decision, citizens from Oklahoma City who are preparing to seek divorce may profit from the help of an advocate who has both civil and military law and processes to achieve the best settlement possible.


Will the Military Get You a Lawyer?

There is legal counsel on most bases in every branch of the army. Generally speaking, these lawyers can not but can be useful, represent you in your divorce. They can:

  • write letters for you

  • answer questions

  • negotiate or represent on your behalf

  • review legal documents

The wife of a member of the service may also seek the help of a family law attorney in OKC at any location and from any service department.

If a divorce occurs, servants and their spouses must be aware of the legal problems affecting military divorces. A military divorce includes distinctive legal issues which are different from those that are often faced outside the military. In these areas, our family law attorneys in OKC have specialized. While military lawyers cannot represent you during a divorce on military bases, they can advise you on these questions.

** Disclaimer: This blog content is no substitute for legal advice and in no way implies a lawyer-client relationship.