Respond to Your Divorce Wisely

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Divorce in your life can be a challenge. It is especially true if you do not decide to split. It is easy to avoid talking about divorce or reflecting on the process. You can even ignore the documents of divorce. Is it possible to be separated if you don't sign on the dotted line?

Here is a catch. Unless your spouse has submitted a divorce petition, the court can delay the process, but not necessarily stop it altogether. Instead, it could be much worse for you just to shred the papers. It is always better to participate in your divorce, even if you're not happy with it. You can consult our uncontested divorce attorney in Oklahoma City for a discussion. Here’s a bit about contested and uncontested divorce.

Contested and Uncontested Divorce

There's a divorce between two parties. The spouse who takes the initiative is called the petitioner. The served spouse is known as the respondent. The way a divorce unfolds depends upon the reaction of the respondent after being notified.

Contested Divorce

When the respondent does not agree with all the conditions of the split in question, divorce is contested. It may include problems with the splitting of property, who receives child custody, and spousal support obligations. Make it very clear, as the respondent, that you dispute the divorce. The best way to do so is to provide the court with a response to the divorce papers.

If the respondent does not sign or respond to the divorce papers or the respondent accepts all terms without issue, divorce shall be uncontested. If a divorce moves forward without contest, you lose the right to negotiate terms in your best interests. Consult our uncontested divorce attorney in Oklahoma City to handle this situation for the best outcome.

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Why Sign the Papers

Divorce is never simple, and that’s true even if your married didn’t last long. Why does it happen? A judge will want to know that the specific problems which lead to your separation can actually be resolved during divorce.

  1. The issues up for discussion may include:

  2. Dividing or assigning property titles fairly.

  3. Child support and custody arrangements.

  4. Alimony payments.

The spouse who files for divorce describes how they wish to resolve these problems. These terms are considered fair to both spouses in some cases. In other cases, the petitioner spouse can attempt to secure more favorable conditions. They may ask for the children's exclusive custody, the property ownership, and even costly financial support. Only through the replies to divorce documents can you negotiate terms to your liking. Your uncontested divorce attorney in Oklahoma City can help you with getting an appropriate deal.

Generally, divorce papers have usually 30 days for a response. If you fail to respond, a judge may decide a default judgment. This means that your spouse's conditions are accepted. Here, you will lose your chance to win more favorable conditions for yourself. Despite your efforts to stop this divorce, it will be completed regardless.

Consult with our experienced uncontested divorce attorney in Oklahoma City about your divorce and the best way to respond to it. We are Mazaheri Law Firm and are always at your service.

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