Rules You Must Know about Child Custody

Custody of child written on paper

There's no doubt about this–divorce is hard for adults in marriage, but it's harder for children. You can construct it so that it will minimize the effect and not be so difficult for the children if you work on a parenting plan for joint custody. Your lawyer can help you to ensure that the custody agreement terms are compliant. This will help if you're searching for ways to work together for custody. These are top 10 rules suggested by our child custody attorney in OKC to follow.

  • Keep your differences out of the discussion. Perhaps you cannot live with that person or share the same room. Your personal feeling about your child's other parent is not relevant, be it as best friends after divorce or deadly enemies. You should put your personal sentiments away and focus on their needs.

  • Maintain adult problems among adults. Children should not be pulled into the situation of adults and exposed to conflict between them. Regardless of your problems with the other parent of your child, it is necessary to keep grown-up topics between adults. Your kids don't have to listen about child care problems or what parents are doing to dissolve the marriage. Allow the children to be children. They are growing up too quickly.

  • Do not try to be perfect. There is no perfect current custody situation. Do not try to achieve perfection because it will make you frustrated, delay the procedure, and create tension – it will make the process harder on your children.

  • Do not insult or degrade the other parent. It may backfire on you. Similarly, be mindful of the sentiments your children have for their other parent. With harsh language, you are only making your children stressed.

  • Find out what's best for all parties. The more you stand apart, the harder it's to keep custody together. You also need to work harder to determine conditions that work for everyone.

child with parents
  • You are ready to adjust. How often have you told your children that things always cannot be done their way? Moreover, for adults, that's the same thing. You might not have all the terms you want when you work out your joint custody agreement. Be ready to compromise for your children. This is equally true for an unmarried couple. You must be prepared to compromise and cooperate to minimize the effect of your separation as far as possible.

  • Establish a policy of "drop-off only”. You don't want to be a ‘pick-up parent’. You two should be drop-off parents. Therefore, no parent would be taking children away from the other parent. There's a sub-conscious message that children are removed from the parent even if they don't say or realize it. Mutual drop-offs just make for smoother transitions.

  • Be flexible. In such an arrangement both parents should be flexible. Plans can be altered in life at any time. You should be flexible to work together to get the most appropriate ways of dealing with unexpected challenges to prevent your children from suffering due to your divorce.

  • Please ask the kids what they need. It is better to ask the kids under certain circumstances what they need. Naturally, the kids will probably say they want the entire family. If that is not possible talk to them to get a joint custody arrangement that will take their wishes into account.

If you are heading to divorce and need support for child custody, come to our attorney in OKC. Mazaheri Law Firm will help you find a new normal that works for everyone involved.

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