Summer Co-Parenting – How to Share Custody

Co Parenting

It is now summer, and kids are out of school, that it is often time for divorced parents to adjust their co-parenting. Since the children's timetable has changed, parents often need to modify their timetables too, including altering the way they share custody and routines with their children. If you cannot decide it on your own, ask your child custody attorney in OKC.

Planning Ahead

The best way to begin planning early in the summer is to prevent conflicts about holiday dates or families. Decide how the time will be split. Develop a custody plan that works well for you and your kids. Place your children first when agreeing on their summer plans and remember that this is a fun time for children every year when they discover and recollect wonderful memories of their children. Due to the length of the summer, most divorced parents agree to divide and split the summer.


A physical calendar is an easy way in summer to prevent confusion or miscommunication between parents. Make sure that each party has a copy of the schedule that includes which parent the child has and when the child moves into their homes, and any special occasions or summer vacations.

Special Events

Summer hosts several vacations and unique events, among them the Fourth of July, the day of remembrance and the Labor Day. If there is no designation for such holidays in the agreed parenting plan, ensure that the plan is addressed together and in time before the holiday. If you have problems and cannot solve the problems yourself, do not hesitate, to contact your child custody attorney in OKC.

Vacation Coordination

Would you like to take the children away sometime during the summer? At some stage, coordinate an attempt to be cooperative with each other as soon as possible. Tell them to spend a great time if your co-parent plans a vacation with the children! Encourage your kids to enjoy with the other parent.


Always believe about providing your children with enduring summer memories while making your summer plans. If this summer your heart gets on with the children and your co-parent doesn't agree, breathe in and an attempt to reach a compromise. Be flexible and cooperate to discover a pleasant solution.

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