A 50-50 Custody Plan for Your Children

Child Custody

Divorce is considered an unpleasant turning point, but it is unavoidable under certain circumstances. A divorce can bring with it the worst effect for children who want to be with both of their parents. Psychological research shows that children can benefit from their parents divorce when they can spend as much quality time as possible with their parents. However, after a divorce, it becomes nearly impossible for both parents to be around each other with the children. The only solution for this situation is a 50-50 custody plan.

During a consultation with your child custody lawyers in Oklahoma City, you will learn about what a true 50-50 parenting plan is. This plan is also known as a joint custody agreement. In this case, both parents are eligible for equal responsibilities and rights for the children. Time will be split between both parents in their separate homes.

Some say that this arrangement becomes difficult for children to cope with, but actually, they adjust to this arrangement very easily and it benefits their psyche in the long run.

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Why Is It the Best Option?

According to the child custody lawyers in Oklahoma City, this is the best arrangement for children whose parents are getting divorced. There are some valid reasons behind this notion and also, some requirements you and your spouse need to agree upon. Here are some of those for your knowledge.

  • The parents live close enough so that the custody exchange can be easy.

  • Both of the parents have to agree with each point of agreement.

  • The parents have to get along well enough, so that the arrangement of making decisions for the children can be easy.

  • Both of the parents have to be committed to putting their children’s need first.

  • The children should become well accustomed to both of the homes.

  • According to the work schedule of the parents, the arrangement is then created.

If you also want to create an arrangement of this sort and give your children a psychologically sound environment, you should consult your child custody lawyers in Oklahoma City. An attorney can outline the best plan in regards to safety arrangements, requirements of the law and the benefits of your joint custody plan.

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