What Are Your Preferred Arrangements for Child Custody?

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The custody of children is a very emotional aspect of divorce. It can be difficult to establish a cooperative custody arrangement if both parents want to play a role in their children's lives. Judges in the past have often used primary maternal custody, and fathers received alternative visits or custody rights on weekends. However, in recent years, these custody arrangements are rare because judge custody arrangements have been more effective and less a one-size-fits-all approach. For child custody in Oklahoma, you can consider these arrangements.

Preferred Custody Arrangements

Equal Participation of Parents - Judges have started to focus on equal participation custody schemes. Each parent may not spend all the time with the children. However, arrangements like this give each parent a voice and both play a critical role in decision making.

Children’s Stability - The constant reversals between houses, especially during the school year, can stress children out. Judges tend to prefer custody arrangements to reduce the consequences to education, activities, and lifestyles of the child to provide as much stability as possible for children.

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Support for Years - The value of joint custody, especially for pre-school children, is demonstrated by scientific research. Research indicates that in joint custody agreements, such children had substantially fewer problems with their behavior and psychological problems. Many judges focus on custody schemes that offer child support to raise healthy and happy adults.

Flexibility - Disputes among parents often lead to scheduling problems resulting from inflexible custody arrangements which can lead to court proceedings. Judiciaries prefer flexible arrangements to limit stress and disputes related to planning, particularly as children's age and lifestyles and needs change. Both parents have a chance to play a key role in educating and giving a voice to their children in their health, education, and welfare.

Help on Child Custody Disputes

Effective child custody arrangements in Oklahoma City for children and parents are important in terms of health and well-being. Our lawyers at Mazaheri Law Firm are dedicated to helping clients to resolve custody disputes as fast and efficiently as possible. If you require legal aid for any child custody outcome, contact us for assistance.

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