What Do You Want to Know about Bird nesting Plan?

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Bird nest custody is a joint custody arrangement for parents who are divorced or separated, where they live in only one house, but parents turn to live with children in this home, never at the same time.  In other words, when dad goes home, the mother leaves, and dad leaves when the mother comes back.  The kids stay in the house.

Is Bird Nest Common?

Bird's nest custody is not an extremely common kind of arrangement for child custody and is usually not ordered by a family court except when the parents ask it, therefore, to know about this arrangement in depth you need divorce mediation attorney in OKC.  This is a good thing for bird nest custody since the custody agreement is typically ‘on board.’

Advantages of Bird-Nesting Plan

The best advantage of a child's bird nest custody is that during the custody exchanges the child does not have to move home. Instead, the parents go back to the home where the child lives full time.  They are much more stable in the child's perspective than some other forms of arrangements for child custody.

The bird's nest custody sharing parents also have easier communication as they share the home of the child, communication can be if different forms like leaving notes on the refrigerator or chat about problems while they change custody.

If a child has a more stable living environment, it should be able to take part in activities such as sports or extracurricular activities, without thinking about the place he or she will live in.

Detailed Process Recommended by Divorce Mediation Attorney in OKC

A bird nesting divorce agreement is a temporary plan where the parents share their husband's house. In turn, you stay with the children in your family home. When parents are not in duty, they usually live in another home.

Here Is It in Brief

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When Parent A has to be with the children, he/she moves home in the wedding home. During this time, Parent B lives in an individual house.

When it is time for Parent B with the kids, he/she moves home, and Parent A lives in another place.

Both parents take turns to live with the kids. This pattern continues to the mature age of the youngest child. The house is then sold to the two partners who receive proceeds in accordance with the matrimony agreement. One parent can choose to purchase a part of the other, thus owning the marital house in its entirety.

The main objective of the bird-nesting divorce plan is to provide children with emotional stability during a divorce. Parents conclude a timetable, maintenance, and school fees agreement, etc.


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