What Is Uncontested Divorce?

Husband signing A uncontested divorce paper

There are several terms and procedures when it comes to getting a divorce that might be confusing if you don't know them. These include uncontested divorce, contested divorce, and no-fault divorce. Each of them means something entirely different. Your situation will determine the procedure that you will use most.

What Do You Mean by Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce in OKC means that the soon-to-be-divorced couple has dissolved all significant issues including child custody and support, spouse support, property division, debt division, etc.

An uncontested divorce provides advantages to couples who do not dispute the divorce. You may never have to step into a court of law in individual states if you agree to all the terms of your divorce. You still have to go to court in other countries, but in most states the uncontested divorce procedure is much faster than the uncontested divorce procedure.

If certain problems still need to be resolved, negotiations with your spouse may be advisable. In addition to a quick resolution, uncontested divorces entail minimal stress because you and your spouse agree. Moreover, without spending a lot on legal fees, you can often get divorced online. However, if complex problems cannot be resolved, you cannot file this kind of divorce.

Lawyer and client

Uncontested Divorce Process

By hiring an uncontested divorce lawyer in OKC, you can safeguard yourself. A divorce lawyer knows divorce documents and can ensure that the documents are filed and properly served. In county courthouses, many states have uncontested divorce forms. The party initiating the divorce proceedings will fill in the forms, report them to the county secretary, pay the registration fee and serve them on the other party. Check that the papers are correctly served with the county clerk or your attorney. If divorce documents are not properly served, then a second filing fee for starting another case can start all over again.

When you incorrectly fill in the form, you may be able to modify it later, but you can always avoid the possibility. If you have any doubts about filling in, filing and serving papers, contact a legal representative.

Your wife has to file a reply after you have your wife served. This means signing the documents you prepared in some states. See your county clerk or lawyer ensure that the procedure is properly followed. Once the answer is given, a mandatory waiting period may have to be observed in several states. In some states your lawyer prepares a settlement agreement that is included in your divorce.

The cheapest way to divorce you is to be represented in your divorce. If you need legal advice, the issue from a divorce and family law firm is a better way to buy legal advice. There are now several law firms that offer legal services over the Internet that sell legal advice by the question of what we call' unbundled' or' limited.'

Once the divorce is uncontested, paperwork is simply processed. An uncontested hearing of divorce normally takes only one hour. A hearing is even not necessary in some countries.

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** Disclaimer: This blog content is no substitute for legal advice and in no way implies a lawyer-client relationship.