When Your Marriage Ends Up in a Divorce

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When the judge signs the paperwork for his final decision, divorce is officially finalized. Divorce will take at least three months which is the minimum waiting period. In OKC, our divorce lawyers can help you through this process. The length of a divorce after three months depends on its complexity. Couples with few conflicts, prenuptial contracts or minimal assets may be subjected to rapid divorce–usually 3 to 6 months. Others, though, may take a lot longer, sometimes a year or longer, with more complicated finances and custody disputes.

Filing Date of Divorce

The filing date refers to the date on which one or both spouses file a divorce petition. If one spouse files a divorce and sends the divorce papers to the other partner, the other partner generally has 30 days to file a reaction. If not, the two spouses can jointly file a petition.

The date on which a divorce request was filed shows the intentions and initiations of one or both parties to the divorce. The deadline for the acquisition of marital assets or debts is set from the date of filing. Marital property and debt usually comprise the matrimonial home, the family car or other common property purchased while married.

The court must still approve the agreement and order the dissolution of marriage, even in cases where a spouse has filed a joint petition with an attached settlement agreement and has no unresolved issues. Divorce requests require several other steps to complete a divorce after submission.

Divorce Methods

Before the judicial decision becomes final, couples must determine first which legal procedure they use to settle their divorce on which our divorce lawyers in OKC can guide. Certain divorce methods take longer than others. Many couples opt for mediation or settlement negotiation instead of going to trial, while couples with more or multiple assets often choose litigation to resolve problems. The length of the divorce process increases most of the time.

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A Longer Marriage Takes More Time to Divorce

Have you been married for a long time? If so, you are likely to find it harder to dissociate your assets and finances, making the process longer. Consider your home, any holiday properties, vehicles and other possessions that both of you may want to keep together. All these decisions to be made are complementary to the process of divorce since you and your spouse's can agree on terms and conditions.

Couples with Children

This may also add to the length of your divorce if you and your spouse share the children. Each party must decide what custody they are looking for, whether one parent is primarily custodial or whether both parents share custody. Parents have to make a suitable decision in mediation, which takes less time. However, a couple handling it out of court will probably have several dates on which a judge decides the best option for custody.

To Finalize Everything

You and your spouse may advance to the last stage of your divorce once all has been decided. The judge must sign the final decisions on your recent legal proceedings in your divorce procedure. All divorcing couples need a judge to sign the final divorce papers, be they to the trial or to settle or to agree via mediation. You are considered legally divorced once the judge signs the papers.

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