Why Divorce Mediation is Needed

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There was a struggle for a long time, but you tried to work through it. You thought the process would be smooth, which is quite common, but it got complicated and trust us, it was obvious.

We are talking about divorce, a common proceedings nowadays. It is always better to get rid of the burden of a stale relationship and have a new fresh start. But it is not at all a good idea to do everything by yourself, without having the helping hand of divorce mediation in OKC or throughout the U.S.A. We know DIY is all the rage these days but this is not applicable to everything, especially when a legal procedure is involved.

Why Hire The Help?

Many people will counter the logic that divorce can be done without divorce mediation. If the process does not require professionals, divorce attorneys and divorce mediators would not be there, right? These professionals are skilled with legal terms and proceedings; they have studied and learned for years. They know every nook and cranny of the law. They can help you the best, in a simple way, to even out the complicated situation pertaining to your divorce.

  • Do-it-yourself divorce is an online divorce process that claims to save money compared to the general divorce process. Do you know what you are actually getting with this ‘less’ amount of money? If you both earn the same, and there is no scenario of child support or custody, if there is no assets to be divided between the two of you, you can opt for a DIY divorce. There is nothing in the agreement that would need divorce mediation in OKC. However if you have even one of these things, you will need professional help.

  • You will get a form or a link with do-it-yourself divorce. You have to fill it out. It’s a basic questionnaire for you and your spouse regarding divorce. There is no way to question them back. There is no way to clarify any confusion. The divorce is not a matter of jokes and a mere thing that you can perform just by filling out an online form! Remember, there are legal procedures and you can be in hot water if anything is out of place. Get divorce mediation in OKC and make the decisions properly.

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  • There are many situations described in the online form for a do-it-yourself divorce. Those are the most common situations and it is very possible that your case has an exception to the rule. Don’t expect to get a solution for it. Only mediation can control the agreement and help in your divorce. You can also discuss many things that are not covered in the standard papers.

  • The mediation would be a neutral space and you will only get fair advice from them. In terms of property division, child custody, support and anything else, the mediator would share a neutral and clean viewpoint. The unbiased advice will help you decide the best for your life and complete the proceedings in a clean way.

  • Asset division includes anything owned together. Having someone there to make sure things are equally and fairly divided is a must.

  • No matter what the child custody would be, you can appeal the decision during mediation to get to spend more time with your child. Focusing on the situation, mediation will help the court to decide the child custody arrangements. You may get sole custody or the chance to meet your child any time.

For help with mediation and making things go on the right track, you need an attorney. Contact Mazaheri Law Firm, we have an experienced and celebrated group of lawyers to handle all types of divorce cases including medication with efficiency.

** Disclaimer: This blog content is no substitute for legal advice and in no way implies a lawyer-client relationship.