Divorce: Before you say I do, Ensure you can say I don't A proposed law: House Bill 2279, will limit divorces under the incompatibility provision, stating a divorce should not be granted if there are living minor children in the marriage, the parties have been married 10 years or longer or if either party files a written objection to the divorce.

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If this law passes, Oklahomans will have to think twice as hard before marriage because although it's NEVER easy to get a divorce, you may have more hurdles in the future.

As lawyers, it is our job to prepare you for the worst case scenario, always hoping that you and your family do not end up in Divorce. 

  1. Have an Attorney draft a Pre-nuptial Agreement. 

  2. Seek other alternatives, like family counseling, to ensure a Divorce is necessary, there may be an alternative way to work things out. 

  3. If you have children, parents put aside your differences and think about what will be in the best interest of your children. A divorce can be traumatizing for children, and it is up to the adults to limit the emotional cost on them. 

  4. Find an Attorney as soon as possible, and attempt to be the first to file. 

  5. If possible, mediation is a great way of avoiding trial and settling differences. Many times you can achieve better results that both parties can live with.

If you end up in this unfortunate situation, the lawyers at the Mazaheri Law Firm can assist you in dealing with this grueling process.

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