Preparation for an Immigration Interview

Here in Oklahoma City many immigrants may think they know how to effectively represent themselves. This may be true, but immigrants should understand that statements they make at their personal interview may get them barred from the United States for many years, or even for a lifetime. This is because Immigration is altogether different from any type of other legal proceeding a person may encounter. Many people fail to realize that Immigration benefits are thought of as privileges not rights and therefore Immigration officers and judges are given wide discretion in the application of the laws.

For this, and many other reasons, it's advantageous to hire a good immigration attorney. Immigrants who have capable and qualified counsel stand a better chance at succeeding in court over those who do not have an attorney.

An experienced immigration attorney will properly prepare an immigrant for the variety of questions they may be asked during their personal interview. While it is always recommended that an immigrant be completely truthful during their interview, sufficient preparation before the interview is critical to the immigrant's remaining relaxed and composed despite how stressful the situation may be. Also, an attorney present during an interview is able to speak passionately on the immigrant's behalf; often helping to convince the officer to grant's the immigrant's application.

In addition, an immigrant with legal representation is more likely to submit a correctly-filed and well-documented petition or application for the immigration benefit sought. Providing adequate documentary proof, in the first instance is vital in expediting the processing on a petition or application. An incorrectly filed application or petition could adversely affect an immigrant in the future. An attorney assures that this does not happen by preparing all documents needed to have an application or petition adjudicated as quickly as possible. An experienced immigration attorney is important because they will present the evidence in a manner which establishes that the applicant meets the legal requirements and if necessary, expresses the hardship on a qualifying relative, highlight the alien's rehabilitation or good moral character, and minimizes potentially negative aspects of the case. Filing for immigration benefits may sound easy but the consequences of doing so incorrectly are great. An immigrant should not risk their stay in this country if they have questions about the forms they are filing.

At Mazaheri Law Firm in Oklahoma City, we are experienced in dealing with immigration cases and can help you.

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