Wrongful termination claims in Oklahoma may be complicated

Various laws, both at the state and federal level, protect Oklahoma employees from multiple forms of discrimination and wrongful termination. Given the dizzying array of statutory and regulatory issues, added to the veritable alphabet soup of acronyms, and it may be difficult to know where to even begin.

Your first step should be to identify exactly how you may have been wronged by your employer. Were you discriminated against on the basis of your race, ethnicity, religion, gender or age? Perhaps you lost your job because of an illness or pregnancy, meaning your employer may have run afoul of the Family and Medical Leave Act. Maybe you were terminated in retaliation for making a complaint about safety issues, or because you helped a colleague in a complaint against the company. Or it could be that your employer refused to conform to laws with regard to working hours and overtime pay. Each of these types of cases are going to involve different federal and state statutes and regulatory schemes, and will require a different approach, depending upon the specific circumstances of each individual case.

Because of this, it may well be in your best interest to seek the counsel of an experienced employment law professional. This attorney will be able to assess your case based upon your needs and situation. Employment and wrongful termination claims in Oklahoma can become very complex very fast, with an interlocked morass of federal and state regulations to navigate. Having an attorney who knows how these laws work together, and what to expect from the legal system in these cases can be the difference between a successful vindication of your rights and your employer getting away with violating them.

Our firm has been practicing since 2009. While we can work towards a settlement of our client's employment law claims, we recognize that other times a formal complaint needs to be filed. While some cases can be resolved through mediation, others involve litigation. For more information, please check out our employee rights website.