After acquittal, Oklahoma man files wrongful termination lawsuit

A wrongful termination lawsuit might arise out of a wide variety of circumstances. What all wrongful termination lawsuits have in common is that an individual feels that he or she was relieved of his or her employment for a reason that is not just. For an Oklahoma man who formerly worked as a police officer, that lawsuit arose following allegations of criminal activity.

Several years ago the man lost his job. The reason for the action was that he was accused of stealing drug money. The reason that suspicion surrounded him, rather than any of the 15 other employees who had access to that room, is unclear. In addition to losing his job, he also faced criminal charges related to the accusation.

Recently, the case went to trial. Four years after the fact, a jury found him not guilty. The decision was apparently clear cut as it only took them about a half hour to reach that conclusion.

According to the man the years between his firing and the trial were not easy. Because of the scorn he felt from the community, he moved to a neighboring state. While the man likely welcomes the acquittal, it does nothing to undo those difficult times.

In an effort to try to recoup something, the man recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his former employer. He is seeking several things. The first is his job back. In addition, he also wants $300,000 in back pay and $1 million in damages.

How the man’s case will be resolved remains to be seen. It is important that all Oklahoma workers be aware that under certain circumstances they too might take this course of action.

Source: KOCO-TV, “Former Edmond cop wants job back, more than $1 million in damages,” Kim Passoth, June 11, 2014