Woman claims female supervisor sexually harassed her

When it comes to allegations of sexual harassment, the first thing to likely come to mind for many is the stereotype of an older man making advances toward a younger woman in the workplace. While sexual harassment does sometimes involve individuals from those demographics, that is not always the case. Sometimes it is a woman who is the aggressor. This is allegedly the case for a female executive who was recently sued for sexual harassment in addition to wrongful termination and emotional distress.

The woman, an executive with a tech company, was sued by another woman who formerly worked as a software engineer at the company. The woman accused of the illegal behavior was the supervisor of the accuser. In the lawsuit, the former software engineer said that her supervisor coerced her to engage in sexual acts with her. She also claimed that when she told her supervisor she did not want to engage in those activities it affected her job. In addition to receiving assignments she deemed as less important, she also received a poor performance review.

The former employee said she reported the sexual harassment to the company she formerly worked for but they did not take any action. Instead, she said they eventually fired her.

How this case will be resolved remains to be seen. The tech company where the alleged victim used to work indicated that it plans on do what it can to support the executive in her quest to clear her name. As this case illustrates, sexual harassment claims need not be limited to those where a man is harassing a woman.

Source: CNN Money, “Female Yahoo exec sued for sexual harassment,” Laurie Segall, July 14, 2014