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Blog Posts in July, 2014

  • Woman claims female supervisor sexually harassed her

    When it comes to allegations of sexual harassment, the first thing to likely come to mind for many is the stereotype of an older man making advances toward a younger woman in the workplace. While sexual harassment does sometimes involve individuals from those demographics, that is not always the case. Sometimes it is a woman who is the aggressor. This is allegedly the case for a female executive ...
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  • After acquittal, Oklahoma man files wrongful termination lawsuit

    A wrongful termination lawsuit might arise out of a wide variety of circumstances. What all wrongful termination lawsuits have in common is that an individual feels that he or she was relieved of his or her employment for a reason that is not just. For an Oklahoma man who formerly worked as a police officer, that lawsuit arose following allegations of criminal activity. Several years ago the man ...
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  • Anti-discrimination rule issued for federal contractors

    The United States Department of Labor issued a final rule recently to implement an executive order amended by President Obama last summer. The executive order and the rule prohibit the federal government and any company that does more than $10,000 in business with the United States from discriminating against employees based upon sexual orientation or gender identification. The rule will be ...
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  • Former executive at technology company alleges sexual harassment

    Many of the people reading this post likely have to work to get by. Accordingly, most seek an environment that is relatively enjoyable. It is fair to say that few would seek a workplace where they are treated poorly and free from workplace harassment. Employers actually must to provide a harassment free workplace to employees. While in many cases people find a good environment to work in, ...
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