Wrongful termination in Oklahoma: settlement or litigation?

Let's say you have been working for an employer for a number of years. Your performance reports have been acceptable, and, as far as you know, your supervisors and their bosses have been satisfied with your abilities. Then, unexpectedly, you are terminated from your position. You may be experiencing many conflicting emotions: surprise, anger and betrayal, not to mention the stress of suddenly having to look for employment elsewhere. You may feel that you have been treated unfairly, and want to so something, anything, to put the situation right.

It is times like this that an objective assessment of your situation may be most beneficial. Experienced Oklahoma employment attorneys are aware that people who have lost their jobs unexpectedly are dealing with a number of emotions, and may be laboring under some false assumptions. These professionals can take a look at your case from a neutral perspective and determine what kind of compensation, if any, you may expect to receive. This inquiry will take into account the many salient facts that can affect a wrongful termination suit, including whether there was an employment contract, whether discrimination is suspected, whether such suspicions can be documented or if a federal or state labor law has been violated.

It is important to understand that consulting an attorney will not automatically lead to recovery. However, experienced employment lawyers can make overtures to a former employer, and try to seek a settlement of the issues that both parties can feel is fair. Or, if an employer is intransigent and the employee has a strong case, the attorney can begin the process of litigation. In times of stress, like in the wake of an unexpected termination, having an objective voice that can analyze your issues and recommend a practical course of action can be invaluable. If you have questions about wrongful termination, or other employment-related matters, please see our webpage for more information.