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Blog Posts in June, 2015

  • What is the deadline to file an EEOC sexual harassment claim?

    As we pointed out last month, it is illegal under both Oklahoma and federal law for anyone in a work environment to engage in sexual harassment. This includes requests for sexual favors, sexually-based remarks about appearance or body parts, or derogatory comments regarding someone's gender. We have also touched on the fact that simple teasing, offhand remarks, or mild incidents that are isolated ...
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  • What is wrongful termination based on genetic information?

    This blog has discussed many of the common types of employment discrimination. The prohibition against discrimination in, or termination of, employment based upon race, ethnicity, gender, or religion is generally well-established. But modern science has added a new wrinkle to the employment discrimination landscape: discrimination based upon genetic information. Due to advances in genetic ...
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  • What can an employer deduct from an Oklahoma employee's pay?

    As any Oklahoma resident who has worked for someone else knows, receiving that first paycheck can be a little of a mixed blessing. While it's usually good to receive compensation for your hard work, there is often a little dismay at the fact that the amount listed under "gross wages" can differ substantially from that listed as "net wages." Gross wages are, of course, the basic amount of your pay ...
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