Tips to Simplify Custody During the Holidays

Nothing can ruin the joy and excitement of the holiday season quite like an untimely custody or visitation dispute. As you struggle to deal with the anxiety of buying gifts, decorating your home, and organizing plans to see family, the last thing you need is to encounter a major roadblock when determining where and how your children will spend the holidays. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to help minimize conflict and pursue an amicable solution for your holiday visitation schedule.

  1. Define your priorities: Before the season begins, reflect critically and determine which holidays are most important to you. For example, you may have a greater sentimental attachment to Christmas than New Year’s, or vice versa. If both you and your child’s other parent prioritize the same day such as Christmas, consider switching off years or, if you live close enough to each other, let your other parent have Christmas Eve in exchange for Christmas Day. The more you are willing to compromise, the smoother time you will likely have reaching an agreement.

  2. Start planning early: The longer you wait to plan out your child’s holiday schedule, the greater your chances will be of encountering conflict. Drawing out your blueprint for the holiday season as early as possible can help to minimize stress and provide everyone in your family with sufficient notice about what to expect, allowing you to focus your energy on creating a memorable holiday for you child and extended family.

  3. Write it down: While the initial stages of coordinating custody and visitation may involve verbal phone conversations or e-mails between you and your child’s other parent, it is important to establish your final agreement in written form. Information communicated from mouth-to-mouth can easily be forgotten or misremembered, and facts and dates can get lost in multiple email threads. Having a concrete, written agreement signed by both you and your co-parent can help to eliminate this confusion and serve as invaluable evidence in the event that its terms should be violated.

Custody Issues? We Can Help!

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