Should You Wait Until the Holiday Season is Over to Divorce?

If you don’t pay close attention to the calendar, it will be Thanksgiving before you know it now that the autumn has officially begun. For many people unhappy in their marriage, this time of year represents an uncomfortable family law limbo. Should they file for divorce as soon as they can? Or should they wait until the holiday season closes to avoid awkward conflicts? Many might think it is best for their children or family to wait until January to go to court with divorce papers, but a closer look into the details of divorce often reveals otherwise.

Consider these factors as to why you should file for divorce before the holidays:

  • False sincerity is telling: Do you pace nervously when you think about having to put on a smile for your friends and family at social and holiday gatherings? As careful as you may be to try to hide your emotions, you can bet your loved ones will be able to see right through the façade and know something is wrong. Why struggle to hide it when you could be breathing easier knowing it is out in the open and being dealt with head on?

  • Too-close quarters: Holidays usually mean packing extended family into one home for a night or a few days. Any angry sparks between yourself and your spouse are likely to ignite in such a situation. And if you need your spouse’s support to deal with that strange relative of yours, you can forget about that if you both are itching for divorce.

  • Waiting game: In Oklahoma, you can get a divorce in as little as 10 days after filing, if it is completely uncontested. If you share children, you will need to wait 90 days. And the introduction of litigation and attorneys will probably add a couple more months to the timeline, at least. Think of it this way: if you wait for the holidays to end, you probably won’t be divorced until the next year’s holidays. But if you file before the holidays, you might be lucky enough to find yourself single by New Year’s or Valentine’s Day.

  • Gifts aren’t glue: When asked why they held out for the holidays, some people will tell you that they anticipated a great gift, and that that would bring them back together. This hasprobably never happened. You can name any luxury on the market and it just won’t be up to snuff when it comes to representing the love and commitment necessary to make a marriage work? Not convinced? Look to the news for the recent divorce of Hollywood “super couple” Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, often coined as Brangelina.

  • Holiday trip, or a stumble: Did you already plan out a big family trip for the holidays? Might want to see about cancelation options. Harkening back to being in quarters a little too close for a little too long, packing yourself onto an airplane, into a car, or on a cruise ship can feel like a living nightmare if the only thing you really want to do is get away from your spouse.

All in all, you will almost-certainly be happier if you get your divorce started before the holidays, rather than trying to grin and bear it for a couple months more. If you want to know how to begin, contact Mazaheri Law Firm and our Oklahoma City divorce attorneys today at 405-414-2222.

We have two decades’ worth of combined legal experience we can put to good use for you and your case, allowing you to get through this process with as little stress and delays as possible.

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