Dating During Divorce

If a marriage has broken down, exploring new and prospective romantic interests can seem like a breath of fresh air. While beginning another relationship may feel like the right move, dating during a divorce can have serious consequences. Remember, until a divorce is finalized, you and your spouse are legally married. Introducing a new relationship into the picture before the final papers are signed can present several legal and emotional complications.

Dating during a divorce can affect:

  1. Well-being of children: The emotional impact of a divorce can be heightened when children are involved. Kids may often feel as if they share a part of the responsibility for a divorce or that their relationship with one or both parents is in danger. The emotional complexity of divorce may require that children receive special care and attention. Introducing a new or potential parental figure can serve to further confuse and complicate the matter for children.

  2. Cooperation between your ex-spouse: It is no secret that divorce can be an intensely emotional process. What spouses may not realize is the extent that cooperation can affect divorce proceedings. A spouse who is jealous or irrationally angry can complicate the divorce process, costing all parties time and money. Furthermore, when children are involved, ex-spouses may be a part of your life for years to come and damaging that relationship can have lasting consequences.

  3. Subjecting your new partner to the divorce: Your new romantic interest may find themselves thrust into the middle of divorce proceedings, whether they like it or not. Anyone who is closely involved in the personal life of either spouse may be the subject of courtroom debate and this is especially true when children are involved.

  4. Adultery: Oklahoma allows for fault-based divorce, which means that dating, while you are still legally married, may be considered adultery. The court, or a vengeful spouse, may try to use this information against you to influence decisions on terms such as alimony and the division of property. Even if you never dated before the decision to end a marriage was made, if you are alleged as the guilty party in a fault-based divorce, you may have a much harder time receiving fair terms in a settlement.

Attorneys Helping Families through Divorce

When and where you may find the spark of a new relationship can be frustratingly unpredictable and while you won’t be thrown in jail for dating during a divorce, it is an activity that is strongly advised against. Our Oklahoma City divorce attorneys understand that a divorce is a deeply emotional process and can advise you on the best course of action during every step of the process. At the Mazaheri Law Firm, we have nearly two decades of combined legal experience and have helped numerous families overcome the legal and emotional hardships associated with the dissolution of marriage.

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