Three Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

Even the most secure and seemingly-perfect relationships can wind up ending in divorce, and because marital dissolution has become so common, many people choose to try to protect their best interests in the event of a divorce. Prenuptial agreements have become much more common for couples who are about to be married, and for good reason: they allow couples to protect their possessions and create agreeable terms for a divorce before their relationship is jeopardized. Here are three major benefits to a prenuptial agreement.

Protect Your Possessions

This is perhaps the most sought-after benefit for young couples. Do you have a particular possession that is either worth substantial value or extremely sentimental? What about a pet have raised and are bringing into the marriage? Both of these things can be protected under a prenuptial agreement. As long as you create a provision in your agreement, you can protect things like business assets, intellectual property, and even valuable artwork or jewelry, making sure you keep possession of them should you ever choose to divorce.

Clarify Special Agreements

Do you want to keep your finances separate during your divorce? What about protect each other from any major debts that may be incurred? A prenuptial agreement can define these terms at the outset of a marriage and ensure they are followed in the event of a divorce. Is one spouse pursuing and advanced education? You can ensure that they will be responsible for the student debt they incur. Want to make sure the money you bring in and save for retirement stays in your name? You can do that as well. So long as the terms are not wildly unfair and unenforceable at the time of a divorce, your special requests will be followed until your marriage is fully dissolved.

Adjust Your Estate Plan

This is a pretty common benefit for older couples who are pursuing a second or subsequent marriage, and have substantial assets to their name. You can place clauses into your prenuptial agreement that will modify the terms of your estate plan in the event you decide to get a divorce. Want to exclude your spouse from your will or a trust in the event that you decide to get a divorce? You can trigger this change with your prenuptial agreement and ensure you don’t need to rush to change this document in the event you begin the divorce process again.

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