Attorney Katherine R. Mazaheri-Franze Part of Committee for Strengthen Their Start

We are proud to announce that Attorney Katherine R. Mazaheri-Franze, of Mazaheri Law Firm, is part of the committee for Strengthen Their Start, which is a program stemming from Infant Crisis Services, Inc. Strengthen Their Start is a fundraising drive for underprivileged children, and it asks for donations of diapers, baby wash, and baby wash--essentials that many newborn babies and mothers go without, because of the financial difficulty they are currently in.

This organization supplies the essentials for babies and toddlers who are in a time of crisis, specifically for those who are going to bed hungry, and without their basic needs being met. Oklahoma has the 8th highest incidence of childhood poverty in the United States, and this is a sad reality Infant Crisis Services, Inc. wants to eradicate. Our legal team at Mazaheri Law Firm is honored to work alongside Katherine, as her compassionate spirit and caring nature are priceless assets to all who know her--especially her clients.

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