Back to School Visitation & Custody Modifications

As the end of summer approaches and your child’s schedule inevitably changes, you may be wondering how the start of the school year will affect your visitation and custody agreement with your ex. Handling summer visitation and custody allows somewhat of a freer schedule, as your child has opportunities to go on vacation, camp, spend time with grandparents, extended family, and more.

However, once the school year kicks into gear once more, your child’s schedule becomes much more limited and thus requires a strict routine. This sudden shift can be difficult on all involved, especially if you and your ex-spouse live far apart. Suddenly, your child needs more of a routine than ever before, which can be difficult when he or she needs to split his time between two parents, two homes, and two sets of parenting styles.

The courts understand that life happens, and sometimes, visitation or custody orders need to be modified. However, this does not mean that every request will even be considered by the presiding judge. Modifying an existing custody or visitation agreement is certainly not easy, as the courts do not want people abusing the system.

However, it is entirely doable with the help of our strong-minded, experienced, and skilled Oklahoma City family law attorneys of Mazaheri Law Firm. We will help you file a Motion to Modify Custody Order, proving there has been a permanent, material, or substantial change in circumstances which requires the change. We will then do our part to prove this modification will serve your child’s best interests.

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