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Blog Posts in September, 2017

  • How Do I Get Through Work During My Divorce?

    As both spouses begin the transitioning into their new, separate lives, divorce can be an uncertain and trying time. Although some people might feel excitement and joy during this transition period, others experience overwhelming feelings of anxiety and loneliness. Sometimes, the intensity of these feelings can affect your ability to perform essential job duties or tasks. According to Gregory ...
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  • What Mistakes Do Dads Commonly Make During Divorce?

    Divorce is a hectic, chaotic, and emotional experience for many fathers. Affection for your former spouse can quickly become hostile. Although you might feel justifiably angry, such a state of mind can lead to reckless actions that can negatively impact your divorce proceedings. This is why it is vital you become aware of the mistakes many fathers make during their divorce. According to The ...
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