#MeToo: Sexual Harassment & the Workplace

The news has been abuzz with stories of sexual harassment and abuse victims speaking up and fighting back. From the viral hashtag campaign #MeToo, to the “Time’s Up” movement at the Golden Globes, to the men and women who are speaking out against leaders and politicians, sexual harassment is a trending topic. Unfortunately, sexual harassment is a widespread problem, especially in the workplace.

It can be easy to forget that sets, dressing rooms, political offices, and many of the other locations of alleged sexual abuse are the workplaces of thousands of people. For those who work in these spaces, however, dodging sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct can be a part of their daily tasks. Every employee, whether a celebrity or an administrator, deserves to have a safe and comfortable workplace.

Legal Protections to Prevent Workplace Harassment

Employees are protected by a number of state, federal, and local laws dictating appropriate workplace conduct, but it is the unfortunate reality that not every employee knows their rights or feels free to stand up for them. It isn’t unheard of for a sexual harassment victim to lose their job after taking on a high-profile individual or even their own coworker. Fear of retaliation can silence a victim and deny them their rightful justice.

Even if you weren’t the direct target of sexual harassment, you may still experience considerable affects. Workplace hostility can cause employees to feel unsafe and uncomfortable at work. Reporting illegal conduct may lead to illegal retaliation, which can cost employees raises, promotions, or even their careers. Whether you are the victim of sexual harassment or a bystander, the dangers of this behavior are tangible and far-reaching.

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