Hire an Attorney to Get Your Business Running

Starting a business is an exciting and difficult undertaking. As an entrepreneur, you know it requires more than big dreams to prepare for opening day. It’s easy to make a vital mistake with so many documents to sign and details to consider. A business law attorney can help set you on the right path to success.

Why You Want an Attorney

A business lawyer is an essential asset to any startup. For example, a lawyer can guide you through the legal requirements and documents that need to be completed before you open your doors to customers. An attorney is also the experienced hand you need when you’re learning to prepare and utilize business contracts. But the greatest gift a lawyer can give you is reassurance. You’ll always have confidence that legal details are being handled correctly with a lawyer steering you in the right direction.

Your business lawyer can assist you by:

  • Preparing incorporation forms

  • Choosing which licenses and permits you need

  • Trademarking your name

  • Deciding if a corporation or LLC is your best option

  • Registering your business for federal and state tax identification numbers

  • Serving as your legal counsel

  • Teaching you how to prepare and utilize business contracts

  • Providing real estate counsel

While your attorney is busy taking care of the legal details, you can focus your attention on other important aspects of your business!

We Can Help You

At Mazaheri Law Firm, our bilingual business law attorneys are available to help start your business by providing comprehensive legal services. We can serve as your legal counsel as you navigate complex Oklahoma business requirements and laws. You don’t have to struggle alone! 

We want your business to thrive. Contact Mazaheri Law Firm at 405-414-2222 to schedule a consultation with our business lawyers.