Oklahoma Senator Addresses the Separation of Immigrant Families

On July 11, 2018, Oklahoma Senator James Lankford addressed the Senate in support of President Donald Trump’s request for new immigration legislation. While Senator Lankford has been pushing the administration to keep immigrant families together, he believes the issue of “fake families” must be dealt with before any constructive legislation can be passed. 

According to Senator Lankford, there has been a 315% increase in the arrests of illegal immigrants who falsely claim familial relationships. He states that smugglers are taking advantage of a faulty system by bringing children across the border as fake family members. In his speech, Senator Lankford questions if legal loopholes are “causing more individuals to pretend to be families or more families to be able to come?” Senator Lankford states that the Trump Administration needs to close these loopholes before the government and ICE can successfully change their detaining tactics.

Even so, the number of actual families crossing the border is still significantly greater than groups falsely claiming to be related. In previous speeches, Senator Lankford recommended that apprehension policies shift to allow families the option of voluntarily returning to Mexico or Canada, thereby legally circumventing prosecution. He believes this will help families stay together and avoid damaging charges.

Senator Lankford also made a point to defend the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. Instead of abolishing ICE, Senator Lankford requests that American citizens show the agency respect because “abolishing ICE is a ticket to lawlessness in our country." ICE, the Senator claims, is vital to keeping drugs and human trafficking out of the United States.   

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