The Trump Administration’s Anti-Immigration Policies Are Affecting Oklahoma Businesses

The Trump Administration’s increasingly hostile zero-tolerance immigration policies are adversely affecting families and businesses across the state of Oklahoma. Various news and media outlets nationwide have been reporting on the recent ICE raids against companies hiring naturalized and undocumented immigrants.

In August 2018, ICE raided a trailer manufacturing company in Sumner, Texas and arrested 159 immigrants. After the raid, Katrina W. Berger, a special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations’ Dallas office, infamously warned employers, “You may have gotten away with it, but we’re watching and we’re coming.” Many immigrants are now afraid to go to work or seek new employment opportunities because of such hostile rhetoric and the resulting legal fallout of these crackdowns. Because the Trump Administration is also limiting the number of legal immigrants, H-1B Visas are reportedly down by 40%. As a result, many vital industries in Oklahoma are critically understaffed.

This immigration crackdown is greatly harming the following Oklahoma industries:

  • Construction industry

  • Medical industry

  • Hospitality industry

  • Manufacturing industry

  • Gardening/landscaping industry

According to the Census Bureau, Oklahoma is home to over 235,000 legal immigrants, many of whom now live in constant fear of deportation despite their legal status.

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