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  • Why You Shouldn't Apologize After an Accident

    Being involved in a traffic accident can be scary and stressful. Many people don’t know what to do, and if they feel like they were in the wrong, they might apologize and say something like, “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you,” or, “I just wasn’t paying attention.” While apologizing seems to be a natural urge for many people who think they have just caused an accident, it is important to avoid this ...
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  • Teen Driver Accidents

    Car accidents are common for people of any age group, though they occur far more often for teens, specifically from the ages of 16 to 19. The unfortunate reality is that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the United States. Not only do teen drivers pose much more a risk because they are inexperienced, they are also more likely to engage in dangerous driving ...
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  • What If My Injuries Present Themselves Long After an Accident?

    Car accidents are some of the most traumatic, horrific, and stressful experiences for anyone to endure. As a result, victims often suffer from a number of injuries, ranging from fairly minor to incapacitating. In fact, many injuries can be lifelong, especially if they are not treated as soon as symptoms being to appear. However, some injuries don’t present symptoms until well after the accident ...
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