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Identifying Retaliation Tactics as a Whistleblower

A whistleblower is someone who reports a person or organization’s illegal action to an internal or external source. Ideally, an employee should be able to report illegal or immoral activities without facing retaliatory consequences. In fact, government and corporate entities often rely on whistleblowers to provide information that exposes hidden corruption and unethical practices.

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When can wrongful termination occur under an employment contract?

under certain conditions? Then cases get into the complex area of employment contract law.

According to the American Bar Association, there are a few steps needed to assess cases involving potential employment contracts. These include whether a contract was formed at all and, if so, what its terms happen to be, whether the parties had a duty to perform under the contract and if there are any defenses to its enforcement, whether a breach occurred and what remedies are appropriate if a breach did, in fact, happen.

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What does 'employment-at-will' mean in Oklahoma?

For many people, especially those who have been working for one employer for many years, their workplace is almost like a second home. This can sometimes lead to a sense of security in the fact that, unless one does something very wrong, his or her employer can't just suddenly terminate the relationship. Unfortunately, in many cases, this premise is not correct.

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Is age discrimination prohibited by law?

Most Oklahomans are probably aware that employers are not allowed to discriminate in the hiring and promotion of employees on the basis of race, ethnicity or religion. Some may wonder, however, if there are other categories of people against whom an employer may not discriminate. In fact, there are several, but one of the less well-known categories is that of age.

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