Devoted to Advocacy for Youth and Families


Cassidy Reed

Associate Attorney Cassity Gies was raised on a family farm outside of Carmen, Oklahoma.  As on Oklahoma Regents Scholar, she completed her Marketing degree from the University of Oklahoma in 2005. Cassity joined Mazaheri Law firm in 2018 to specialize in the practice of child law. She possesses a passion for all family law matters and especially carries a torch for the unique issues faced by deprived and delinquent children and their families in the juvenile justice system. Cassity’s motivation for a career in law directly stems from years serving as an Oklahoma foster care provider and mentor family with Angels Foster Family Network. Cassity is bold about her commitment to law and would love to one day be known as the attorney who changed the Oklahoma juvenile justice system. 

During her time at OU, Cassity began her marketing career as a property manager for First Pacific Investments of Norman. In 2006, she became the marketing director for Farmers Exchange Bank of Cherokee, Oklahoma and oversaw the operation of its four individual branch locations. While there, she helped create the Take a Closer Look initiative in Cherokee, served as a member of the Northwest Vocational Career Services Council, and was a member of the Northwest Oklahoma Alliance. Before attending law school, Cassity took a four-year professional hiatus, staying home to raise her young children.

Cassity graduated Summa Cum Laude from Oklahoma City University School of Law, earning seven CALI awards for Academic Excellence.  She clerked for the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office downtown and juvenile divisions and was a Hatton W. Sumners Scholar. Cassity was selected for the 2018-2019 Interdisciplinary Program on Child Abuse and Neglect at the OU Child Study Center. In 2019, her article “Are We There Yet?  An Analysis of Violence Against Native American Women and the Implementation of Special Criminal Domestic Violence Jurisdiction” was featured in The Journal of Race, Gender, and Poverty. She was selected as the William Conger Distinguished Student for her law school class.  She was also awarded the T. Hurley Jordan Award for Excellence in Criminal Procedure and the Oklahoma Bar Association Excellence in Corporation Law Award.

When she is not working, she enjoys her most proud accomplishment—her family. She and her husband Donny, also a lawyer, spend their free time chasing six “crazy” children and one Great Pyrenees. Her love of family and her personal life experiences widen her legal perspective and fuel her advocation for Oklahoma children and families.


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